Improbable Destination

Published: June 2018            

When Australia becomes a Republic in 2022 with a casino mogul elected President, trouble looms on Sydney Harbour. A 'game-changing' political decision provokes shipyard volunteers to devise a radical plan to save a heritage steamship from destruction. With foreign backing from an old foe the enraged dissidents must risk everything and embark on a hazardous voyage to an improbable destination.

A  politically soaked seagoing saga that steers a perilous course between fact and fiction.​​

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​​GEORG ELSER: The Zither Player

Published 2016 | Consultant Editor: Peter Koblank

“When the curtains were falling thunderously on the last moments of the Nazi regime, Hitler suddenly remembered the existence of the zither player — and as if possessed by a sudden and inexplicable shame, this murderer of millions attempted to conceal his execution of the assassin who had long since been forgotten by the world.” 

Hans Bernd Gisevius

Written like fiction, this is the unsung story of a man obsessed with preventing a catastrophic war that would by its end kill over 60 million people worldwide. Elser's lone wolf attempt to asassinate Adolf Hitler in November 1939 is told in parallel with the failed British SIS operation to bring peace by making contact with the German Opposition within the military in what became known as the Venlo Incident.

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​​the cast

Georg Elser
Sigismund Payne Best
Maria Elser
Walter Schellenberg
Mathilde Niedermann
Heinrich Himmler
Elsa Harlen
Heinrich Muller
Richard Stevens
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Dr Franz
Franz Hadler
Alexander Cadogan
Heydrich Reinhard

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Improbable Journey:


published 2017

The improbable journey of an Australian woman through Japan where carnal pleasure, deception, email, blackmail, arson, architecture, death and resurrection combine with the mystery of the three-legged crow to cast a dark shadow over the land of the rising sun.

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Improbable Rendezvous

published 2013 | revised 2015
image-523262-I-R BOOKCOVER_OCT2015_BLUE-page-001.jpg


From the moment best selling Japanese novelist Hiraku Makimura lands in Sydney to speak at a writers’ seminar, there is an identity mix-up. A further complication arises when the body of a Barbie Doll like girl is unearthed in the boot of his Subaru. The hotel receptionist is an amorous distraction but is no help when the Police investigate. The novelist’s professional relationship with a more mature woman with her own literary ambitions instigates an innocent voyage aboard a luxury pleasure craft resulting in an improbable rendezvous with the submerged past.

The Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney Harbour has never been told with such irreverence, bringing to the surface a saga of wartime escape and survival, while exposing seedy details of internment, infatuation and itinerant intercourse on remote Lord Howe Island.

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In an age conditioned by social networks and “six degrees of separation” the inter-connection of events in Australia, set sixty years apart, from World War Two, to the present day seems irresistible.  Juxtaposed upon physical settings of seductive allure such as Sydney Harbour and the lesser known, but spectacular, Lord Howe Island, “Improbable Rendezvous” is firmly rooted in the social and historical context of Australia past and present.

A remote, colonial backwater, sixty years ago, Sydney is now on axis with China and Japan at the centre of the world.  Despite this proximity, the evocative clash of western and oriental values, as well as the changes in taste and behaviour over recent decades, gives this book an authenticity well beyond its narrative content.

Having been a practicing architect for more than forty years in Sydney as well as other locations described in this book, I strongly endorse the vivid ethos and sense of place evoked by Tom Ferry.  From the visceral satisfaction provided by this Pacific playground to venal manipulations of local politics, readers of this book will gain entertaining insight into the evolution of this unique culture and place.

Andrew Andersons, Architect.

Tom Ferry has written a well crafted novel that takes us on a journey of intrigue and coincidence. Improbable Rendezvous involves complementing timelines that highlight the author’s historical research and geographical attention to detail. The story begins with a Japanese author travelling to Sydney to speak at the prestigious Sydney Writers’ Guild. However, nothing is quite as it seems and Mr Makimura struggles to make sense of a string of bizarre occurrences that threaten to distract him and derail his journey’s purpose. Simultaneously, the reader is drawn into the 2nd World War where a young Japanese sailor has an eventful escape from his midget submarine. Haru’s escape sets up a puzzling chain of events that dramatically unfold and cleverly bind the timelines within the novel.

Tom Ferry retells history with a tongue in cheek humour that will have you laughing out loud. This fast paced novel is hard to put down as the characters compete for the attention of the reader. Ferry delivers a colourful tale that has the ingredients to be something more than just fiction!

Tim Drinkwater, Operations Manager Sydney Heritage Fleet.

Balls Pyrmid and Lord Howe Island